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Welcome to Bakersfield’s best home-away-from-home

for dogs, cats, & birds!


Bakersfield’s Fur & Feathers Luxury Pet Resort is like a 5-star hotel for your dog, cat, or bird. We even have a ‘day-spa’ (day care and grooming services). Locally owned and operated by a licensed veterinary technician, we give friendly service to you and compassionate care to your furry and feathery family members.


You’ll have a better time on vacation when you know that your furry or feathery family member has lots of loving attention and activities.

  • Dog Day Care

    Let your dog play and enjoy some furry companions.

  • Dog Boarding

    Go on, take a vacation! Your dog is happy and safe with us.

  • Cat Boarding

    Rest assured that we make your cat feel at home.

  • Aquatic Fitness Center

    Get your pet in the best shape of their life!

  • Bird Boarding

    Travel or remodel while your bird roosts with us.

  • Grooming

    Pampering from professionals is good for your pet’s mind and body.

  • Availability

    Contact us or stop by for a visit. (Book early for holidays!)

  • Boutique

    Stop by and browse our toys, treats, collars, and more!

Dog Boarding and Daycare

Want your dog to have a great time while you’re at work? We can do that! Want your dog to have as much fun on vacation as you are on yours? We have that covered, too! We offer a wide variety of different sized suites to suit you and your pets needs, as well as add-ons in addition to our group play. Your doggo will be sure to thank you!

Canine Aquatic Fitness Center

Swimming is beneficial to dogs in so many ways! The buoyancy & resistance of water allows them to exercise more freely, while lessening stress on joints. Water can decrease inflammation, increase circulation, and increase range of motion as the environment can enhance stretches and movements.


Dog and cat grooming is much more than clipping barnacles out of matted fur. Think combination day spa and health check in one session. The specialists at Fur & Feathers provide hands-on care, leaving your pet feeling happy, healthy, and looking great.


We also provide accommodations for birds and other small animals away from the cats and dogs, and nearer to the staff and clients who they can talk and sing to!

Feline Friends

Cat naps and ear scratches are in abundance at Fur and Feathers Mill Creek! With multi-level condos and windows overlooking downtown, there is no wonder why cats love to stay with us just as much as their drooly dog friends!

Ready For Your Pet's Vacation?