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Birds of All Feathers Flock Together

Fur & Feathers Knows What Birds Like

You’re free to fly away on vacation, but that’s not a very good idea for your bird. So, bring your favorite feathery friends to Fur and Feathers and let them roost with us while you travel. You’re also mindful of your bird’s health when your home environment is invaded by things like excessive dust or toxins from painting, carpet cleaning, or remodeling. Come to Fur & Feathers and don’t worry about exposure to anything harmful for your bird’s delicate system.

We understand the complex nature of birds, and offer many amenities to make them feel at home:

  • Comfortably-sized cages (or you can bring your own if you prefer)
  • Nice sunny area where birds can look out a large picture window
  • Daily attention, fresh water, and treats (you tell us the best treats for your bird)
  • Special diets as needed
  • Medication administered on schedule
  • Soothing music for a peaceful atmosphere
  • Safe and secure time out of their cage and interaction (if you request)

Our staff has experience working with and handling all kinds of birds. We clean cages daily using a special, non-toxic cleaner.

Every bird is different, and we get that. Please feel free to bring your bird’s favorite toys or a supply of treats. We want you to tell us everything we need to know so that we can make your bird’s stay with us as pleasant as possible.

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