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                            Canine Aquatic Fitness Center coming June 2018!

What is an aquatic fitness center?

Our canine fitness center will be equipped with a 14’ 5” x 9’ 6” pool heated to 88-92 degree Fahrenheit. Our canine swim companions have been trained in the practice of swimming through the completion of levels 1 & 2 Heart of Canine Aquatic Therapy courses.

What are the benefits of allowing my pet to swim in the Canine Aquatic Fitness Center?

Swimming is beneficial to dogs in so many ways! The buoyancy & resistance of water allows them to exercise more freely, while lessening stress on joints. Water can decrease inflammation, increase circulation, and increase range of motion as the environment can enhance stretches and movements. Swimming provides a great way to improve your pet’s fitness, body condition, and it is a great form of aerobic exercise that is low impact on the bones and joints.

What conditions can benefit from a canine swim session?

A client will seek a swim session for reasons that include, arthritis, dysplasia, paralysis & other mobility issues. It can also benefit pre & post-surgical conditioning, as well as injury prevention. For obese pets swimming can offer a great low impact exercise routine. Swimming can also increase body awareness, balance, coordination, and just plain help muscle and fitness tone.