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It’s All About Fun at Fur & Feathers

Doggie Day Care

Just like you, your best friend doesn’t want to stay home all day, every day. Doggie day care is available for those days when you want us to keep your pet busy and in good company.

Play is your furry friend’s work, and Fur & Feathers offers plenty of room to romp, and regular companions to hang out with at the water bowl. As you and your dog get to know our staff, you’ll both look forward to each visit.

VIP Daycare will give your pet an opportunity to do more than just go outside and socialize! Your pet will participate in a tailored plan  to engage in regular enrichment and training activities geared to working towards a common goal depending on what you want!

Feel free to come by for a tour and see how dogs’ daytime socializing gives your best furry friend exercise, fun and companionship that eliminates the stress of being alone all day.

Dog Boarding

Personal suites with room-service meals and favorite toys, play time in the day and soothing music at night . . . no, you can’t stay at Fur & Feathers, but your dog will love it! It’s a dog party every day at the indoor and outdoor playrooms, complete with wading pools in the summer. We keep a close eye on the tail-waggers to make sure that social interactions stay socially acceptable with pets that are well-suited for each other’s company. And if you have a dog who isn’t into the social scene, we can handle that, too. Everything we do for your dog is designed to create a stress-free environment where he or she can release energy and feel at home.

Packing your dog’s favorite items from home such as toys, towels, beds and blankets helps them feel more comfortable in new surroundings. But we’re happy to let them use our freshly-washed beds and blankets if you prefer.


Dogs are required to have the following vaccines:

  • Bordatella (Kennel Cough) every 6 months or as recommended by your veterinarian.
  • DHLPP every year or as recommended by your veterinarian
  • Rabies-Must be given every 3 years
  • K-9 Influenza every year

Flea and Tick Treatment

We recommend that you treat your pets regularly for flea prevention with a treatment such as Frontline or Advantage.

For the protection of all pets, we examine dogs and cats upon arrival. If we find fleas or ticks you will be charged for a bath and flea dip for your pet for cats and dogs.

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