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Requirements and FAQ’s

Please call us to ask questions related to your specific dog, cat, or bird.

How much does it cost to board dogs and cats?

Individual suites range from $38.00 to $56.00 per night depending on the size of the suite. For cats, regular condos are $24.00 per night and the deluxe condo is $28.00 per night. Additional pets in the same suite or condo are at a discounted price.  (See all pricing on the rate page).

Do I need to fill out any forms?

Yes! We have Resort Agreements that will need be signed. We will also need your basic information (name, address, etc.) as well as your pets information! (breed, age, special needs, etc.) This can be completed after registering for a Paw Partner account.

When do I need to pick up my pet?

We are here from 7AM to 7PM every day except Sundays and Holidays when our hours are 10AM to 5PM. Check out time is 1PM. Your pet can stay as late as closing, but after 1PM there will be a late pick up fee of $16 per pet. This does not apply to cats, birds, or if your dog is groomed the day of pick up.

Where are you located?

We’re downtown next to Central Park Bakersfield – 408 21st St., Bakersfield, CA 93301 (661-843-7970)

How do I know if my dog will get along with other dogs?

We always take time to get to know your dog and introduce them slowly to other dogs who are ‘regulars.’ Overall, we have good results. Dogs who don’t do well in social situations go outside separately from the groups.

What vaccinations are required?

For the protection of all of our pets, we need documentation that your dog or cat is current with the following vaccines:


  • Bordatella- every 6 months or as recommended by your veterinarian
  • DHLPP- every year or as recommended by your veterinarian
  • Rabies- every 3 years
  • Canine Influenza- every year


  • Rabies – every 3 years
  • FCVRP – every 3 years

Proof of your vaccinations can be brought in, uploaded to Paw Partner, or faxed/emailed in by your veterinarian.

Is Flea and Tick Treatment required?

We recommend that you treat your pets regularly for flea prevention with a treatment such as Frontline or Advantage.

For the protection of all pets, we examine dogs and cats upon arrival. If we find fleas or ticks, we’ll apply Frontline and add it to your bill for service.

Spay/Neutur Policy

All pets are required to be spayed/neutured after one year of age. We do not accept any pets that are in heat. Should they come in heat during their stay, they will need to be picked up.

Playtime & Boarding

Where does my dog sleep?

Each dog has their own suite, unless they live together at home and you want them to be together. All suites are inside and air-conditioned/heated.

Where does my cat sleep?

Each cat has a 6 ft. tall condo with 4 levels. The cats can go up and down to the different levels on ramps as well as a window on the top level that allows them to look into Mill Creek Park. As with the dogs, pets that live together can stay together. The cat room is separated from the dogs.

Where does my dog play?

Our indoor playrooms have doors that open up to outside artificial turf yards. Dogs are grouped together according to size, temperament, and activity level for social play in these playrooms throughout the day.

Should I bring my own food, bed or toys?

Yes, we prefer that you bring your own food. We have beds and bedding, but you are welcome to bring a bed or blanket, toys or treats. We prefer to use our own bowls because they are less likely to get lost or broken.

How often will my pet be out of it's suite?

Pets are out in the playroom for about 4 to 6 hours per day on and off throughout the day.

Can I call to check on my dog?

Yes, we are always happy to give you an update on your furry companion. We also send home report cards so you will know about your pet’s experience. You can also check on our Facebook page to see how your pet and their friends are doing!

Special Needs, Emergencies 

What if my pet gets hurt or becomes sick?

We will contact you or your emergency contact, and will take your pet to your regular veterinarian if possible. We use the local emergency clinic after hours or on weekends.

What if my dog is on medication, or has special needs?

We can definitely manage pets with special needs. Medication is an additional $2.00 per day per medication. (We won’t charge you for more than three medications though!) We also have a lot of experience with pets with special needs such as Bailey Chairs, etc.

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