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Dog Suites: 

Small Suite: $38/ night

(additonal pet $19/night)
Approx Size: 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 ft

Medium Suite: $44 / night

(additonal pet $22/night)
Approx Size: 5 1/2 x 4 1/2 ft

Small Deluxe Suite: $50/ night

(additonal pet $25/night)
Approx Size: 8 x 4 1/2 ft

Large Suite: $56 / night

(additonal pet $28/night)
Approx Size: 8   x 6 1/2 ft

Seasonal Pricing:

Additional $5 per night per pet during the following dates:

  • 3/24-4/7
  • 6/1-8/31
  • 11/15-11/30
  • 12/15-1/10



Less then 6 hours: $16

More then 6 hours: $32

Holiday/Weekend: $32

VIP Daycare: $50

Daycare Packages: 

5 Full Days Of Daycare, 1 Free Half Day: $160

10 Half Days Of Daycare, 1 Free Half Day: $160

20 Half Days Of Daycare, 2 Free Half Days: $320

10 Full Days Of Daycare, 2 Free Half Days: $320

15 Full Days Of Daycare, 3 Free Half Days: $480

Aquatic Fitness Center:

30 minute session: $55

60 minute session: $80

Cats Condos: 

Regular Cat Condo: $24/ night

(additional pet $12)

Deluxe Cat Condo: $28 / night

(additional pet $14)

Additional $5 per night per pet during the following dates:

  • 1 week before and 1 week after the Easter holiday (15 days total)
  • 6/1-8/31
  • 1 week before and 1 week after the Thanksgiving holiday (15 days total)
  • 12/15-1/10

Birds (Your cage or ours!):

Small Bird: $12 / night

Medium Bird: $14 / night 

Large Bird: 16 / night

Other Pets:

Mammals: $ 18/ night

Reptile $15 / night

Monday- Saturday our hours at 7am-7pm. Sundays and Holidays our hours are 10am-5pm. You can bring your pet in for boarding or daycare anytime during these hours. Checkout time on the day of pick up is at 1pm, however your can leave your pet up until we close if needed.  There will be a late check out fee after 1pm of $16 per pet.

Optional Add-ons (price per encounter)

Stargazing- a late night potty break for your furry family member. Your pet will have one last chance to do their business between 9-11 pm. Great for puppies, seniors, or those who need a little extra time to run off their late night zoomies. Price: $10

Walks- Your pet will have the chance to enjoy a leisurely 10-15 minute walk around the downtown area. Price: $8

Ball/Toy Time-10 minutes of dedicated toy time of your pets liking with a staff member! Price: $8

Bubbles- What better way to chase the sun away than a few bubbles? 10 minutes of frolicking in bubbles with a staff member. Price: $8

Leash Training- Having trouble getting your dog to mind their leash? 15 minute walk focused on leash behavior and basic obedience training (sit, stay, release). Price: $10

Book Reading/Extra TLC- Does your pet love the soothing sound of story time? Or perhaps they would like a little extra one on one time? Your pet will get just that during book reading. Price: $8

Picture Time- Guaranteed photo of your pet(s) at play; human friend or furry friend! These photos will be posted on our social media and messaged directly through paw partner. Price: $10

Paw-Caso- Seasonal paw print painting your pet gets to take home after their visit! Price: $10

Toy and Toy Time Package- not only will your pet get dedicated toy time with a staff member, they will get to take home a cool new plush or rope toy, too! Price: $11, add treats: $16

Early Drop Off- Have somewhere to be before we open? Arranged 24 hours in advance, you can drop your pet off between 6:30am-7am Monday-Saturday or 8am-10am Sundays and Holidays. Price: $10

Late Pick Up/Drop Off – If you can’t make it during regular hours we offer a late pick up or Drop off service between 8:00pm – 12am This service is made by appointment only and appointments must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Price: $50 per family.

You can request a reservation online, or call us at 661-843-7970. For holidays, we recommend that you call or reserve as far in advance as possible.

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