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5-Star Luxury Services

Fur & Feathers pampers your pets with the best care in Bakersfield for boarding, day care, and grooming. We even have a gift shop with irresistible treats and toys for all your favorite companions.


You’ll have a better time on vacation when you know that your furry family member has lots of loving attention and activities. We know that sometimes dogs, cats, and birds don’t like to be out of a routine. So, we offer plenty of opportunity for exercise and distractions to keep them entertained while you’re away. And oh yes, the accommodations are deluxe, clean, and safe.


Every day is a dog party in the indoor/outdoor playrooms. And when it’s hot, hot, hot, they can cool off in the wading pools. Our attentive staff keeps an eye on the interactions to make sure that everything stays socially acceptable. And if you have a dog who isn’t into the social scene, we can handle that, too. Our goal is a stress-free environment where dogs can release energy and feel right at home.

From maltipoos to mastiffs, there are personal just-right sized suites for every dog. If you have two dogs who like to be together, we’ll make that happen. Packing your dog’s favorite items from home such as toys, towels, beds and blankets helps them feel more comfortable in new surroundings. But we’re happy to let them use our freshly-washed beds and blankets if you prefer.


If cats could talk, (and if they felt like it at the moment!) our feline guests would tell you how intriguing it is to look out at Central Park Bakersfield from the window in the cat room. Wild birds galore entertain and entice cats for hours. And if they’re not daydreaming out the window, when cats look like they want out of their condo, then we let them out to do some safe, contained exploring.

More features that make a cat feel happy and well-adjusted are:

Your pet can check in any time that’s convenient for you on the day of your reservation. When it’s time to go, check out time is 1:00 p.m.

Please visit us if you’d like a tour of our luxury resort!

You can request a reservation online, or call us at 661-843-7970. For holidays, we recommend that you call or reserve as far in advance as possible.

Day Care

Just like you, your best friend doesn’t want to stay home all day, every day. Doggie day care is available for those days when you want us to keep your pooch busy and in good company.

Play is your furry friend’s work, and Fur & Feathers offers plenty of room to romp, and regular companions to hang out with at the water bowl. And then when you travel out of town, staying at Fur & Feathers is the place your dog calls a ‘home away from home.’ As you and your dog get to know our staff, you’ll both look forward to each visit.

Feel free to come by for a tour and see how dogs’ daytime socializing gives your best furry friend exercise, fun and companionship that reduces the stress of being alone all day.


Dog and cat grooming is much more than clipping barnacles out of matted fur. Think combination day spa and health check in one 30-minute session. Grooming is a treat for your pet’s mind and body:

Prices vary by breed, style, size, and overall condition, i.e. maintenance grooming vs. first-time overhaul. Full service grooming includes:

Fur and Feathers’ groomers have quite a loyal following in Bakersfield. Tina, Wally, Matt, and Richard wash, brush, clip, and massage their way to a positive experience for both pet and satisfied owner.

Availability: during boarding or by appointment Monday through Saturday


The perfect gifts for pet owners or for your own menagerie are at Fur and Feathers. In a hurry and forgot treats for the day? No worries! We have a wide selection of treats and chew toys that will keep your dog or cat entertained with a new diversion. Other high-quality bounty includes:

Canine Aquatic Fitness Center 

What is an aquatic fitness center?

Our canine fitness center will be equipped with a 14’ 5” x 9’ 6” pool heated to 88-92 degree Fahrenheit. Our canine swim companions have been trained in the practice of swimming through the completion of levels 1 & 2 Heart of Canine Aquatic Therapy courses.

What are the benefits of allowing my pet to swim in the Canine Aquatic Fitness Center?

Swimming is beneficial to dogs in so many ways! The buoyancy & resistance of water allows them to exercise more freely while lessening stress on joints. Water can decrease inflammation, increase circulation, and increase range of motion as the environment can enhance stretches and movements. Swimming provides a great way to improve your pet’s fitness, body condition, and it is a great form of aerobic exercise that is low impact on the bones and joints.

What conditions can benefit from a canine swim session?

A client will seek a swim session for reasons that include, arthritis, dysplasia, paralysis & other mobility issues. It can also benefit pre & post-surgical conditioning, as well as injury prevention. For obese pets, swimming can offer a great low impact exercise routine. Swimming can also increase body awareness, balance, coordination, and just plain help muscle and fitness tone.

After Hours Services: 

Late Pick Up:

If you can’t make it during regular hours we offer a late pickup or Drop off service between 8:00 PM to 12:30 AM for a surcharge of $50. This service is made by appointment only and appointments must be made at least 48 hours in advance. All appointments are subject to the availability of the management team.

Star Gazing:

If you want your dog to be able to explore the play yard after dark, to uses the restroom, or just to take a moonlit stroll on the soft and cool turf then you may want to ask about our Star Gazing Service! Star Gazing entails an employee coming to the facility after hours (between 9:00-10:00 PM) and letting dogs who sign up for the service out to potty and stretch their legs. This service is a $10 surcharge per night and must be scheduled in advance.  All appointments are subject to the availability of the management team.

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